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What is ocean aquaculture/offshore fish farming

Ocean aquaculture, also termed offshore aquaculture, refers to an emerging approach to marine farming, or mariculture. Under this system, the fish farms are located offshore at a certain distance. They are positioned in less sheltered and deeper waters in the ocean, unlike traditional systems. Since they are located deeper into the oceans, the ocean currents are stronger than they are on the shore. The current 'offshore' developments are not located completely offshore but in rather exposed areas. D.N.V. G.L., a society specializing in maritime classification, believes that knowledge-building and development are necessary for many areas to realize the opportunities lying in the oceans' deeper waters.

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We are a pioneer fish farming company on a commercial scale in India. We at MUDE MARINE PVT LTD work in the ocean to produce highly nutritious and premium quality fish through the cage culture process. We are constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

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