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Marine HDPE floating cages

These floating cages are of HDPE material and are of storm resistant type. 40 such cages will be deployed at strategic locations in the open sea at our site. Dimensions of each cage are designed to suit annual production of 2000 MT. Design of the cage incorporates inner grow out net and outer predator net. A bird protection net will be provided on the top of each cage.

Precision Fish Farming Equipment

A. Environmental Sensors

Outside each group of 4 cages one set of Environmental sensors will be provided. Important data such as current , dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, TDS ,etc will be collected from these sensors and will be transmitted to control station on the aquaculture vessel for correct farming decisions

B. FishSmart Precision HD camera

This is installed at the bottom of each cage and serves the purpose of taking sharp underwater video images. The camera is capable of 360 degrees motion. This provides the insight of each cage plus responsr to feed and overall condition of fish.

C. FishSmart Equipment software

This will be installed on the wheel house of an aquaculture vessel. The system allows the operator to check and carry out equipment maintenance of moorings, buoys, aquaculture vessels, and service boats. It is able to plan, alert and inspect and maintain all the equipment in a timely schedule

D. Data acquisition and Control

This system will be installed on the wheel housr of aquaculture vessel. All the data from various cages will be received and corrective actions will be taken.

E. LED FastGrow

This is a special type of LED light with a dimmerstat. It emits a combination of blue , green and ultraviolet light . This light will be provided for each cage which is useful for faster growth of fish and helps to control the feed rate

F. FishSmart Feeding software

This system will be installed on the wheel house of an our Aquaculture vessel. This system collects the data from various sensors and controls the feed rate.

G. Fish feed control system

This is a pneumatically operated precision equipment which will be installed on the aquaculture vessel. It serves the purpose of accuracy in timing and metering of feed which will be delivered to each cage through flexible feed pipes. The system is designed to cater for 4 cages at a time. There will be 2 such systems on the vessel which will cater for 8 cages

Multipurpose Mariculture vessel

With several test projects of Mariculture in India the major drawbacks were noticed as lack of continuous monitoring and lack of timely feed logistics. To overcome these drawbacks we have designed a special multipurpose aquaculture vessel which is built as per RSV 4 rules which complies with rules and regulations of IR Class. The vessel is strong enough to withstand rough weather conditions and will be fitted with HiTech aquaculture equipment such as Automatic fish feed system plus Vacuum pump harvesting system plus Data acquisition and Control system ,etc. The certified crew monitor all parameters and conditions continuously and take necessary corrective actions

Service Boat

One service boat will be provided which will be used for supply of provisions, spares, stores, diesel and lub oil for the aquaculture vessel. It serves the purpose of crew change also. It's designed to withstand rough weather conditions.

Anchoring and Mooring Technology

We have designed an innovative technology for mooring system of cages. A battery of 4 or 6 cages will be connected with each other through Polypropylene ropes as shown in the figure and will be anchored to sea bed. This provides very sturdy mooring and is capable of absorbing wave shocks even in rough weather conditions.

Administrative Block

This is our administrative office which will be located in our land premises. This is prefabricated structure

Prefabricated Staff Quarters

Depending upon ranks of various officers and crew this prefabricated staff quarters are provided in our land premises.

HiTech Fish Hatchery

A well equipped hatchery for Asian Seabass is provided in our land premises spread over 3 Acres. This hatchery is capable of producing 10 million fingerlings per year. Nursery tanks are also provided to grow and rear the fingerlings.

Processing and Cold Storage unit

This is a prefabricated structure installed in our land premises. It has the capacity to blast freeze whole fish at minus 40 degree centigrade. Processing throughput is designed at 40 ton per day. This unit is spread over 1.5 Acres of land Cold storage unit. This is prefabricated structure is spread over 1.5 Acres of land and has the capacity of 2400 MT. Processed fish will be transferred to this cold storage unit where it will be maintained at minus 18 to 20 degree centigrade.

Solar powered mobile kiosk

This equipment is brought into our marketing system with an intention of creating job opportunities. This is an innovative marketing equipment which is essentially a converted motorcycle. The rear portion has an insulated chamber which can store 200 kg fish in the refrigerated condition. Power to operate the kiosk is derived from solar energy .thereby reducing the carbon footprint. 30 such kiosks are provided thereby creating employment to 60 needy persons.