About us

Marine Cage Culture

Marine cage culture or Mariculture is about growing fish in floating cages deployed at open sea and anchored to sea bed. These cages are moored with polypropylene ropes .

Specific fast growing species such as Asian Seabass, Cobia, Silver Pompano, Grouper,etc are grown in these cages.

As compared to pond fish culture giving 0.5 to 1 kg yield per cu.m Mariculture gives 25 to 30 kg yield per cu.m. The major advantages of Mariculture are no water treatment required as sea water is continuously flushing through the cages and secondly the disease occurance is reduced drastically.

With drastic reduction in catch fishing and lack of latest technology in improving the fish production Mariculture is emerging as major option to boost fish production.

Present scenario of Mariculture in India indicates about 3200 cages yielding just 4500 ton annual production.Whereas the target production in 2018 was 3.2 million ton and in 2021 it's elevated to 8.5 million ton.

the advent of latest technology and installing hi-tech equipment on our Multipurpose Aquaculture vessel, we are looking forward to share a small part of this huge responsibility to reduce the deficit between demand and supply. With a very strong determination and commitment we are focussing to launch our 1st of its kind pilot scale project which will yield 2000 ton of Asian Seabasd annually.

We are a pioneer fish farming company on a commercial scale in India. We at MUDE MARINE PVT LTD work in the ocean to produce highly nutritious and premium quality fish through the cage culture process. We are constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

At MUDE MARINE we care for every aspect of our fish. We are the only fish producer company in India with complete internal control on genetics, fish seed production, protein-rich feed, farming operations, vacuum fish pump harvesting, processing with cold storage, Logistics, marketing, and sales.

We are a dynamic and active start-up company in the marine aquaculture industry with a strong commitment to ecological, social, and economic sustainability in the production of protein-rich fish of the future. That is why we are engaged in continuous research and training to develop solutions for natural edible fish production and thus to make an efficient and resource-saving contribution to food security.

  • Innovative Technical Solutions
  • A high level of competence in fish farming
  • A great deal of compliance with various standards
  • Strict and continuous monitoring
  • Involvement of Hi-Tech equipment including latest technology of data acquisition system
  • Maximum Employment Generation for the local community
  • “Everything Under One Roof “ pattern right from genetics till sales
  • Environmental sustainability with EU compliance standards

Our Goals


1- No use of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones.
2- Maximum use of local infrastructure to reduce transportation.
3- Use of environmentally friendly energy.
4- Significantly better FCR.
5- Lowest levels of CO2 emissions.
6- Protection of seas and marine ecosystems.
7- Sustainable fish – good for health and good for environment
8- Continuous research and development to meet the requirement of compliance with highest standards and at the same time to control the cost so as to reach the premium quality fish to the common man at most affordable price
9-Development of innovative technology for reduction in feed cost

Strategic Partners


1- MANDOVI DRYDOCKS, GOA – Aquaculture vessel construction.
2- RVR – Supply of storm-resistant cages and Mooring equipment.
3- CIBA – Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Chennai – Consultants for Hatchery design, installation, and operation.
4- CMFRI – Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Karwar – Consultants for Marine Cage Culture.
5- COLD PRODUCTS, PUNE- Suppliers of Processing Unit and Cold Storage Unit
6- ARCHETYPE, GOA- Naval Architects
7- CLASS IR, GOA – Indian Register of Shipping
8- Dr. A LAXMINARAYANA – Mariculture Expert and Consultant