Himalyan Monal Manali By Blueko Hotels London

The Himalyan Monal Manali By Blueko Hotels London Himalyan Monal is the first and only internaonal branded hotel in Manali. Our thoughully appointed rooms offer super views of the valley & snow peaks. Our amenies are ultraluxurious including the biggest restaurant Bar in Manali. And our hospitality always comes straight from the heart.
Internaonal in ethos and carrying the himalyan tradion of flawless experience, here is truly the finest way, to explore the sublime sights, sounds & experience of Manali, and beyond.

Accommodation and Amenities

A stay that’s classic & contemporary at once. Each of our 52 rooms and suites is thoughtfully appointed with a host of ultra- modern conveniences and provide a personalized, home- away-from-home stay experience in the heart of the breath taking Manali.


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